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More luxury and convenience in the kitchen

Today’s homeowners have a variety of modern conveniences available to them when remodeling their kitchen. Most homeowners incorporate luxury conveniences from the outset of the remodel. The kitchen design is as much about aesthetic as functionality allowing families to enjoy spending time together while preparing meals and entertaining guests. Appliances that offer ease of use […]

Jazz patterns

The 1920s: From Fitzgerald and Picasso to Stravinsky and Cole Porter, the world was bursting with artistic vitality, as youthful geniuses set about to change the world. It came to be known as the Jazz Age, for the music that offered eager listeners vibrancy, improvisation, surprise, and sensuality. In design, Art Deco was taking flower […]

Bath linen types

You don’t have to stop with a bath mat. Dress up your T & B with these wet-area friendly fabrics. Bath towel Bath Towels come in varying sizes, ranging from 24”x42” to 30”x 56”. “Good quality cotton are Egyptian Cotton and Supima because of their high absorbency, durability, and silky piles,” says designer Vera Villarosa. […]

Design functionality a for hospitality profits

There’s a natural tendency for client and architect to focus on aesthetics when designing a cafe or restaurant, but the operational functionality of the design has a far greater effect on the long-term viability of the business. One of the biggest costs in hospitality is staffing. While the size of the establishment and the style […]

Paint – Spiration!

Longing for some change this season? With just a fresh coat of paint, crafty hands and knick knacks from around the house, you’re all set to rock the DIY world! Patterned frame Plain old frames are so passe! Go wild and give them a makeover… You need: Frame, Tape, Spray paint Method • Tape off […]

Contemporary cool

“Getting the colour on the walls right is essential as this is the foundation for everything else you do in your home. I tried 13 paint samples for the hall, stairs and landing before finding the perfect shade’ garden so we decided to make the house bigger.” The idea was to add a bedroom in […]

A little bit rock’n’roll

Fashionis ta flair and a relaxed life style combine beautifully in this Cornish family home “The house was newly built but it had a lot of character and looked almost continental from the outside”, – says Lisa, – “I loved living and working in London but suddenly that seemed less important than finding somewhere more […]

Planning tactics making the most out of your plot

Whether you’re self building, extending or converting an existing dwelling, a key planning question is how can we get a bit more living space? Making the most out of your plot can enhance the quality of accommodation you create and increase its value. However, information on making planning applications, especially that provided by councils, tends […]

Tickled pink

Open the door to a home that is both enchanting and unique in its colour choices and mix of styles. Pink-and-green isn’t a common colour pairing in clothing, let alone a home’s interiors. Such hues would grace the inside of a hip yogurt shop, not a place of residence – yet this refreshing palette graces […]