Paint – Spiration!

Longing for some change this season? With just a fresh coat of paint, crafty hands and knick knacks from around the house, you’re all set to rock the DIY world!

Patterned frame

Plain old frames are so passe! Go wild and give them a makeover…

You need:

Frame, Tape, Spray paint


• Tape off areas on your frame where you don’t want the paint to stick. We created a chevron pattern using small bits of the tape. You can do straight lines, checks or any design you fancy.

• Lay out newspapers on the floor to avoid spillage from the paint.

• Put your frame flat on the floor and spray once making sure you get a nice even coat.

• Wait for it to dry and spray again adding another coat.

• You memory keepsake is ready!

Dip dyed wooden spoons

Eyeing some fun coloured serving spoons? Why not make your own…

You need:

Wooden spoons, non-toxic paint, tape, brush


• Tape the area on the spoon where you want the paint to start from. This will help keep your edges clean and straight.

Paint the lower part of the spoon in the desired colour. Wait for it to dry and then slowly remove the tape. Add 2-3 coats for better colour

Display them proudly!

Painted jars

Up cycle old jars and bottles to create these cute little decor pieces!

You need:

Glass jars or bottles, spray paint, newspaper


• Clean your jars and bottles thoroughly and ensure they are dry.

• Lay out newspapers on the floor till as far as you can as the spray paint tends to spread.

• Put the bottles on the newspaper and spray them once, turning occasionally to give a nice and even coat.

• Wait for them to dry completely before adding another coat.

• Arrange flowers, candles or use as pen stands!