Design Ideas

25 ideas for teen bedroom of young people

The room design of a young person is not that difficult to make than it looks. The key to this is that you should know what hobbies he has. The young people must also take part in the design, to give advice. It was not an easy task for us, collecting these photos, because there […]

High-tech style interior

Do you know that high-tech style emerged in the 1980s? Now it’s an incredibly popular trend in the modern interiors.

Rustic home decor

Creating a rustic home decor is one of the house ideas that have been growing in popularity quite a lot recently. With the use of rustic home decor your household can become much more attractive than it has ever been. Additionally, this style of decoration creates a more antique feel, while still managing to relay […]

Children’s rooms

When designing a room for your children, it’s important to create a space of their own, but also a room they can grow up in. As long as you follow a few basic rules, you’ll be able to design a comfortable, practical room that you both love. A child’s room is one space that really […]

It’s black and white

Clever buys and a very definite sense of style have transformed this rented apartment on a tiny budget “Living in a rented property and not having a lot of money to spend means you have to be creative”, – says Deborah Gordon, whose inspirational black-and-white apartment is testament to her artistic skills and eye for […]

Loft design ideas

Loft conversions can be as simple as adding Velux windows and a pull-down ladder (although a temporary staircase means it won’t count as an extra room when you sell), or as dramatic as extending out of the original roof, effectively providing an extra floor. Start by getting acquainted with the area – if your loft […]

Wall decoration ideas

Confluence Elite shows you how to kick it up a notch with I these amazing and personalised home decor DIY’s… There is nothing more satisfying than completing a home decor project all on your own! And Confluence Elite – The Concept Store, in a bid to encourage people to get their hands dirty, has come […]

Smart design

The challenge facing smart designers now and in the future is how to create sustainable, economic and technologically adaptable housing without sacrificing design, construction and material quality. It was much easier to define what constituted “smart” design in the middle of last century, when a single international style was sweeping the world. Having only one […]

Kitchen couture

A bespoke design is the perfect way of creating an ideal kitchen; we look at some of the best models, plus some clever “off-the-shelf” alternatives. We’ve all daydreamed of a bespoke designer creating our ideal kitchen. While this is a very desirable option, it’s important to remember that, with the help of a creative and […]