Home decorators

Bed and bedrooms

Modern take on tradition. Skills developed over the decades are used in Velda’s latest collection. For more than 50 years Velda has produced beds using traditional skills, and still continues to recruit apprentices to maintain these skills. The combination of this and modern technology is seen in its latest Multisense mattress collection, says Adrian Eyre, […]

French home decor with fireplace

Classic french style and even a fireplace feature are brought up to date with contemporary materials and clean lines. Kelvin Teo of Space Sense Studio is known For his graphic monochromatic interiors, yet when tasked with designing a modern French-inspired home, he nailed it on the head. Louis and Ellane Kwang initially envisioned their four-room […]

Bright ideas

A little rock family enlists the architectural expertise of taggart design group to give their champed kitchen new cottage style Two years ago when Patty Joffiff Lanford moved into the Hillcrest bungalow of her new husband Stephen and his two sons, the couple was introduced to a common problem among blended families: an influx of […]

Design functionality a for hospitality profits

There’s a natural tendency for client and architect to focus on aesthetics when designing a cafe or restaurant, but the operational functionality of the design has a far greater effect on the long-term viability of the business. One of the biggest costs in hospitality is staffing. While the size of the establishment and the style […]

Contemporary cool

“Getting the colour on the walls right is essential as this is the foundation for everything else you do in your home. I tried 13 paint samples for the hall, stairs and landing before finding the perfect shade’ garden so we decided to make the house bigger.” The idea was to add a bedroom in […]

A little bit rock’n’roll

Fashionis ta flair and a relaxed life style combine beautifully in this Cornish family home “The house was newly built but it had a lot of character and looked almost continental from the outside”, – says Lisa, – “I loved living and working in London but suddenly that seemed less important than finding somewhere more […]