Color & style

Decorating a child’s room

Update the nursery walls with these easy painting techniques Decorating a child’s room is a fun project because if there’s one space where you can take a leap of imagination, this is it. As the nursery is often one of the smallest rooms, it can be tempting to stick to white to make it appear […]

Western home decor

Western style can be confused with the country. Unlike the latter, home decor western implies less heat and more coarse details and special romance in the style of the wild west. If you think that now the room will desperate cowboy with a gun or a fat sheriff, it is not a country. Modern western […]

Paint the exterior

Choose a colour scheme to suit the architectural style of your house. Deciding how to paint the outside takes as much time and planning as selecting an interior palette. Indoors, there are only a few different surfaces to consider, but outside might feature anything from brick to rendered masonry, corrugated iron, various forms of weatherboard […]

Tickled pink

Open the door to a home that is both enchanting and unique in its colour choices and mix of styles. Pink-and-green isn’t a common colour pairing in clothing, let alone a home’s interiors. Such hues would grace the inside of a hip yogurt shop, not a place of residence – yet this refreshing palette graces […]