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Decade of growth. Abingdon has gone from strength to strength since the MBO. Next month marks the 10th anniversary of the rescue of Abingdon Flooring. In the summer of 2003 parent company Carpets International collapsed, putting Abingdon into receivership. Jim Taylor, md; Martin Peace, sales director; Robert Dight, production director; and Eddie Charlesworth, logistics director, […]

A tribute to light

The introduction of white-light LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) for illumination has brought profound changes to the quality of lighting in interiors and public spaces. The high-efficiency and longevity of the new generation of high-power LEDs are the main reasons for their success as more more traditional light sources are being phased out. However, while they […]

5 easy ways to heat your home

With the cold weather expected to last another couple of months at least, you will probably need to take steps to ensure that your house is toasty and warm. There are many simple things that you can do to make sure that your home is protected against the harsh and extreme weather. We’ve put together […]

Inexpensive furniture: overstock & online purchase

Sometimes you just might not be able to afford to buy expensive and brand new furniture. In such cases, there is always the option of choosing to buy overstock furniture. Buying overstock furniture means that you will get top quality furniture for your home, office, or dorm without having to spend too much money on […]

Western home decor

Western style can be confused with the country. Unlike the latter, home decor western implies less heat and more coarse details and special romance in the style of the wild west. If you think that now the room will desperate cowboy with a gun or a fat sheriff, it is not a country. Modern western […]

Wall decoration ideas

Confluence Elite shows you how to kick it up a notch with I these amazing and personalised home decor DIY’s… There is nothing more satisfying than completing a home decor project all on your own! And Confluence Elite – The Concept Store, in a bid to encourage people to get their hands dirty, has come […]

Erich Fichtner

Erich’s career as a woodworker began over 30 years ago and has established him as a designer/maker of bespoke furniture whose work is shown all over the world. After a stint teaching at secondary level where Erich was allowed to use the school’s woodworking facilities after hours, he found himself in Philadelphia in the 70s, […]

Winterproof your home

Plan ahead and get your property into good shape before the cold weather begins. Low temperatures, high winds and incessant rain can cause problems for the structure of your home and make minor issues worse. Take time now to look at all the outside areas of your home and make repairs before you hit trouble […]

Light control

Finding the ultimate window treatment for your bedroom is much more than making a purely decorative decision Function and practicality are important. In these times of sky high energy costs, fitting blinds and shutters that can help regulate and conserve heat as well as control the light is a major plus. In urban environments they […]

Discover Villeroy & Boch

Italian style This newest addition to the company’s bulging portfolio, like all its other products (over 2,500 of them), is completely “Made in Italy”. Right from designing and production to the assembly, all Visionnaire products are created in Italy and delivered to all parts of the globe – to the 20 mono-brand stores, including the […]