Western home decor

Western style can be confused with the country. Unlike the latter, home decor western implies less heat and more coarse details and special romance in the style of the wild west. If you think that now the room will desperate cowboy with a gun or a fat sheriff, it is not a country. Modern western style in the interior will take you many miles from the bustling city, where eyes are opened endless fields, and clouds do not obstruct the towering skyscrapers.

In decoration widely used natural environmentally friendly materials, which make the atmosphere warm and healthy.

Making a western style decor has a lot of options, from which you can always choose the one that suits the tastes and desires of the owners. If you approach the issue creatively.


And yet, according to your mood and many of the key elements of Western style is very similar to the country. The maximum number of natural materials, they underlined angularity and rustic “artisanal”, often elements of the interior specially made over in order to demonstrate how often they were used.

Choose colors are warm and not too bright, the background should not evident, it is desirable if it would look just old enough. In the color scheme is dominated by those same colors that can be found among the desert landscape: pink, red (color cactus), green, cyan, magenta, coral (color fresh foliage and crimson sunset).

You can also use special techniques, for example, to make the bullet holes on the walls and furniture.

Good for the wild west furniture with history. In this case, restore the sofa and table purchased at a flea market not necessarily. So what that the varnish places peeled and erased, and on the couch noticeable patch? We, on the wild west on such trifles do not pay attention. Choose furniture made of wood. Have you ever seen a Western plastic shelves or tables wrought?

The walls, floor and ceiling

For walls fit most simple wallpaper with floral ornaments or panels of wood. You can combine the two materials. Use the masonry, textured finish (painted or plastered walls).

For floor design is used wood, tile or stone. An important detail – the carpet with traditional American prints.

The ceiling of the room should consist of rafters made of wood. Suitable roughly planed natural wood or quality imitation.


To begin with the lighting. Brand “America Buddha Lighting” provides a chandelier in the style of “western” for hotels and restaurants. You can buy them for your living room or kitchen. This is a rather bold decision – to aliexpress.com they cost more than $ 3,000.

Western home decor items

Pay attention to the decor – an abundance of bright details is a normal occurrence in a country style and wild west. The main thing to respect their relevant details.

Well look bright patterned rugs on the walls, the curtains on the windows, rugs and blankets of bright fabrics Navajo.

Appropriate prairie plants (cactus) in a beautiful clay pots, pottery.

In the western room for animal skins and stuffed animals on the walls can be placed not only trophies, but also decorative weapon.

If you have a home bar, it is desirable to place all the bottles in a glass display case or on an open shelf. Alcohol should be in a visible place!