Bath linen types

You don’t have to stop with a bath mat. Dress up your T & B with these wet-area friendly fabrics.

Bath towel

Bath Towels come in varying sizes, ranging from 24”x42” to 30”x 56”. “Good quality cotton are Egyptian Cotton and Supima because of their high absorbency, durability, and silky piles,” says designer Vera Villarosa. The more luxurious ones come in bigger sizes, but it is recommended that you choose a size that will fit your needs.

Face cloths

Also known as washcloths. These are usually arranged on a tray in powder rooms or bathrooms. Face cloths often come in 12”x12” or 13”x13” and are used to wash the face and small areas of the body. In luxury hotels, these are also offered upon arrival, together with complimentary drinks.

Hand towels

Hand towels are bigger than face cloths but smaller than bath towels. They are often used for half baths. These can also work as kitchen towels when a more absorbent towel is needed.

Bath mats

These are made of extra thick floor towels meant to absorb water after stepping out of the shower. Some mats come with vinyl or rubber bottoms for a non-slip feature. These mats are recommended for households with kids and the elderly.


A bathrobe is usually donned while the wearer’s body is still wet. It acts as a towel and an informal garment, too. Popular fabrics used for bathrobes include cotton (most common for its affordability and absorbent quality), micro fiber (fine synthetic fiber that’s soft to the touch and mimics natural fibers), and silk (lustrous fiber of premium quality).