Stylish, Sustainable LED Illumination

Today, lighting does more than just illuminate: a well-planned LED lighting layout can create a warm and welcoming ambience that transforms your space into an ECO-home.

The luxury residence pictured – in a prime waterfront location – is the perfect example of what can be achieved with high-quality LED lighting technology from MEGAMAN.

As the social epicentre of the home, the apartment’s living room has been fitted with MEGAMAN 7W LED PAR 16 Reflectors to make the space highly inviting. The Reflectors are evenly installed within the ceiling, helping to create soft ambient lighting that eliminates the harsh shadows a single, bright overhead light would create. The patented Thermal Conductive Highway (TCH) technology housed in each lamp provides excellent heat dissipation. This keeps room temperature at a lower level than halogen lamps, meaning less energy is required in order to keep the room cool in summer.

The dining room in this home has been fitted with MEGAMAN 6W LED MR16 Reflectors. These enhance the visual impact of food, making meals look more appetising thanks to high colour rendering properties that provide a true reflection of colours.

Bedroom lighting has also been enhanced for the ultimate in comfort. Emitting only one-third of the heat of halogens, recessed down lighting fixtures with MEGAMAN LED PAR 16 Reflectors provide balanced soft lighting that is not too bright, creating a relaxing environment in which to sleep soundly.

As well as illuminating the home to perfection, MEGAMAN LED lighting is also super energy efficient. Thanks to TCH technology, MEGAMAN LED Reflectors provide superb lumen maintenance and last up to 25 times longer. They use 80 percent less energy than halogen equivalents – ensuring great savings on electricity bills.

In addition to the Reflectors series, the MEGAMAN LED Classic and Candle series, with dimming functions, are also optimal light sources designed with reduced power consumption in mind. These light bulbs are an ideal replacement for traditional incandescent bulbs. They are mercury and UV free, making them the greenest choice-helping you create a sustainable home.