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Fine flooring

This buyer’s guide to flooring will help you achieve a practical and attractive surface that suits your home, lifestyle and budget. The style of your home, budget considerations, personal taste and lifestyle are all factors you need to think about when sourcing flooring for your home. You need to create a balance between functionality and […]

Bed and bedrooms

Modern take on tradition. Skills developed over the decades are used in Velda’s latest collection. For more than 50 years Velda has produced beds using traditional skills, and still continues to recruit apprentices to maintain these skills. The combination of this and modern technology is seen in its latest Multisense mattress collection, says Adrian Eyre, […]

Rustic home decor

Creating a rustic home decor is one of the house ideas that have been growing in popularity quite a lot recently. With the use of rustic home decor your household can become much more attractive than it has ever been. Additionally, this style of decoration creates a more antique feel, while still managing to relay […]

Structural insulated panels

We take a closer look at the make-up of these wall and roof elements and why they suit energy-saving homes. If you’re at the stage of looking into construction routes for yourself build project, you may well have encountered structural insulated panels (SIPs). A variant of timber frame, SIPs are pre-insulated, factory-made elements that form […]

Don’t be stumped by hardwood flooring

Cozy oak, durable hickory, modern cork and exotic bamboo — what flooring do you envision when considering a home remodel? Often this important surface material stumps homeowners, and sometimes ends up as a confusing afterthought. Flooring covers a vast amount of your home’s square footage, so choosing the right product can truly make or break […]

A tribute to light

The introduction of white-light LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) for illumination has brought profound changes to the quality of lighting in interiors and public spaces. The high-efficiency and longevity of the new generation of high-power LEDs are the main reasons for their success as more more traditional light sources are being phased out. However, while they […]

Luxury limestone

Durable and beautiful, this luxury limestone will exceed all expectations. The initial brief from the client was very specific “I need something I can use inside and outside. It must be a natural stone, durable, hardwearing, non-slip, salt- and chlorine-safe, and which won’t look out of place on a large rural property.” It was clear […]

5 easy ways to heat your home

With the cold weather expected to last another couple of months at least, you will probably need to take steps to ensure that your house is toasty and warm. There are many simple things that you can do to make sure that your home is protected against the harsh and extreme weather. We’ve put together […]

Children’s rooms

When designing a room for your children, it’s important to create a space of their own, but also a room they can grow up in. As long as you follow a few basic rules, you’ll be able to design a comfortable, practical room that you both love. A child’s room is one space that really […]

It’s black and white

Clever buys and a very definite sense of style have transformed this rented apartment on a tiny budget “Living in a rented property and not having a lot of money to spend means you have to be creative”, – says Deborah Gordon, whose inspirational black-and-white apartment is testament to her artistic skills and eye for […]