Ceramic floor tiles

Ceramic floor tiles – a traditional way of decoration, which is important to maintain a clean and often have to be washed. Therefore, in apartments and houses floor tile is most often used for bathrooms, halls, hall, toilets, storerooms, swimming pools, as well as kitchen and perfectly side by side with conventional tiles in the bathroom.

Floor covering hallway selected according to the features of the space. It should be remembered that in this room a high probability of mechanical damage. Tiles in the hallway should be made of durable material. Should not be selected with a light coating because it is clearly visible all the dirt that will inevitably remain on the floor of the shoe. It’s best to buy a tile monochrome dark tone.

Bathrooms are appropriate, glazed tile with a small coefficient of moisture absorption. Even after many years of operation cladding will have excellent appearance, even though the high humidity. Desirably, the surface topography was to be slidably resist.

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